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No star rating here but I had to!!! You guys almost killed my daughter and son in law with your negligence working on their truck!!!! You don't deserve the money they paid you all for almost getting killed, ruining their anniversary, spoiling their vacation! WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!


While on hold, the automated hold music/voice told me, "we know it's a hassle in time and money to deal with auto service, so that's why we work with you to earn your business." They did nothing of the sort. After deciding that I wouldn't pay almost $600 simply to remove one part, and replace another (something I could do myself), I asked if they could move my car to the street. The gentleman whom I spoke to said "yeah, we can move it to McLoughlin where it will be towed immediately." Thanks, very helpful. I also asked if I could buy a part myself rather than pay for the one they provided (they wanted to charge me $317 for a distributor). He told me yes, but then he has to charge me more for labor. He said that if he couldn't make profit on the part then he has to makeup the profit on the labor. I would hardly call this "working with me to earn my business." Also, I called another shop and they quoted me $300 for the same repair.

Your experience certainly could have been better. As for your repair, we do prefer to provide the parts for our repairs to ensure that a full warranty can be applied and we do try to be competitive with other shops.

- Honest-1 Auto Care Milwaukie

I would choose zero stars if that was an option. I had without a doubt the WORST auto mechanic experience of my life with these incompetent and deceitful folks. Long story short they told me I had a crack in my water pump and estimated $980 worth of work to fix it (along with a few other things they 'threw in'). I paused and told them I would prefer a second opinion first. At that point they tried to charge me about $80 for work that was never authorized. Including an oil change they said they did. I questioned why I was never spoken to first and they started himming and hawing. Ultimately I left and they grumpily told me to 'Take the free oil change'. Sure enough I checked and they didn't even change my oil...yet they had no problem trying to charge me for it. Unbelievable. I took my car down the street to T & S - very honest and good folks - and they replaced my clamps around pertinent hoses and Presto! the leak was fixed. $40 for the work once they had it diagnosed. What a contrast!! I will NEVER go back to Honest-1 and I would recommend no one else does either. Very, Very frustrating and disappointing experience.


I go to the one in Aloha, so far so good!


Went for an oil change and they said the battery tested poor and wanted to sell me one. I had bought it less than two years ago from AAA so went home and called them. Guy comes out and battery, alternator, starter, all tested fine, and even gave me a print out of the test so I could see. Conclusion: not so honest!

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